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Painting the Word - Abstract Series

Wind and Waves Obey  Matthew 8:27 Collage Abstract Mixed Media Art Painting

Even the Wind and Waves
Painting the Word - Abstract Series

Desert River Cactus Isaiah 43:18-19 God River Faithful Mixed Media Art Painting

Desert River

"Creativity takes courage."


- Henri Matisse

Living Water Jesus Christ John 7: 37-39 Abstract Collage Mixed Media Art
Living Water - Commission
In The Beginning - Web.jpg
I Am His Name Forever God Ocean Power Majesty Beauty Sunrise Sunset Honor Glory Collage Mixed Media Art
I AM - His Name Forever
Galilee Song Sea of Galilee Harp Worships God Him Boat Water Collage Mixed Media Art Acrylic Painting
Galilee Song
In the Beginning
Reglecting Glory Well Mirror Reflection Jesus Christ  Unveiled Faces Water Rose Glory to Glory Collage Mixed Media Art
In My Fathers House  Many Mansions John 14:2-6 Jesus Christ Prepare a Place for Us Mixed Media Art
In My Father's House
Reflecting Glory
Redemption Blood of Jesus Red Abstract Ephesians 1:7
Dancing Tulips  Abstract Flowers Tulips Acrylic Painting
Dancing Tulips 2
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